The team is the most valuable asset in our company.

If your space is the image you want to present, architecture is the frame. And in most cases, you need to be more careful than just nailing it to the wall. Our technicians and architects have worked on projects at varying scales of size and complexity. We design for listed and brand new buildings with the same thoughtful methods and planning.

Ever since we turned a barge into a bar, we’ve been ambitious when it comes to architecture. Watch as we mock up daring yet doable sketches based on your brief. If it looks impossible, say so – and we’ll look into getting planning approval on your behalf. Our drawings and plans are made to get the highest chance of a ‘yes’ from everyone involved.

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Our Architectural services include:

  • Site/unit surveys
  • Feasibility plans
  • Services co-ordination
  • Management of the consultant team
  • Production of tender & construction packages
  • Site meetings
  • As Built drawings

Landscape Design

Meilleur Decor Ltd. is comprised of industry professionals who are both experts and artists in his/her particular field. The result? Each project is completed by a personable, eclectic mix of professionals who enjoy what they do. We offer services from landscape design and installation, to garden renovation, sod installation, and skid steer/excavator services.

A well-designed landscape can increase the value of a property and have a dramatically affect the owner’s enjoyment of an outdoor space. If you are thinking about having a design completed, Old South has a structured creative process in which this is achieved with its clients.

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